10 Trendy Jewelry Websites That Are Super Instagrammable

10 Trendy Jewelry Websites That Are Super Instagrammable

If you're looking for some trendy jewelry websites that you can instagram all day long, then check out some of these online fashion jewelry stores!

Every girl knows the power of jewelry; from birthday gifts, Christmas presents, and anniversary celebrations, if there’s any common ground, it’s the collection of jewelry boxes received over the years. Hence why finding jewelry you love is super important (you’ll have it forever). Whether you’re hinting at your SO for a new gift, a birthday is on the horizon, or you’re just looking to treat yourself, these are the top trendy jewelry websites who’s necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are super Instagrammable and worth every penny.

1) Juolis

juolis was founded in 2021 a brand known for beautiful, professionals & every day use jewelery products. Juolis has successfully introduced the concept of high quality, flawlessly crafted jewelry at affordable price points – a feat that remains unmatched in an increasingly busy segment. Juolis takes pride in its commitment to rare and traditional art, crafts and narratives, creating contemporary accessories for its discerning patron.


TOUS is a super unique jewelry brand that offers bracelets, rings, earrings, chokers, pendants, and just about any other jewelry item you can think of (even jewelry for men)! The brand is known for its creative style, which is shown with its funky charms and not so traditional pendants (super cute, by the way). Not to mention, they sell more than just jewelry, you can find handbags and watches here too! This is definitely one of the best jewelry websites to make your Instagram pop.

3) Lana Jewelry

Perhaps you’ve heard your favorite fashion blogger brag about them, or maybe even seen their jewelry flaunted on celebrities like Gigi and Bella Hadid. Regardless if you’ve heard of them or not, Lana made quite the name for themselves. Starting originally as a strict hoop earring based brand, today it’s best known for its layered necklaces.

4) Alex & Ani

Talk about Instagrammable jewelry brands, Alex & Ani once lived a very viral social media life. Today, the brand has hundreds of charms all with different meanings and purposes. If you want a specific charm that represents you, this is one of the best trendy jewelry websites for that.

5) Doggeared

If you’re a California girl, or perhaps just someone who lives and breaths a boho vibe, then Doggeared is one of the best trendy jewelry websites for you. Each of the jewelry is inspired by Californias “free-spirited and natural beauty.” If you’re a fan of dainty necklaces, try out this jewelry site!

6) Pandora

If you’re into personalization, then you’ve probably heard of Pandora. The classic Pandora charmed bracelets were once a huge hit (and you’re lying if you never once owned, or considered owning, one of their chain bracelets). This brand makes the perfect gift as there’s a charm that represents everyone!

7) Uncommon James

If you’ve ever fangirled over Laguna Beach or The Hills, then you definitely will love Uncommon James. The brand is founded by Kristin Cavallari, and is all about timeless and effortless jewelry that you can mix and match with pieces you already own!

8) Missoma

Missoma is a British designer jewelry brand that’s all about contemporary jewelry that matches your everyday wardrobe. This jewelry brand promotes creativity with its mix and match studs and pendants. If you’re into dainty pieces, this is one of the best Instagrammable jewelry brands for you!

9) Mango

Mango, although is not strictly known for its jewelry, offers amazing jewelry pieces for such an affordable price! Pick up some statement earrings or layered necklaces here and snap some pics!

10) Pura Vida
If you want jewelry that goes towards a good cause, Pura Vida (meaning pure life in Spanish) is the brand for you. Each bracelet purchased is handcrafted by artists around the world, some who may have once been living in poverty. In addition, the brand donates to causes they believe in and offers bracelets for animal awareness, cancer, education and more!